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How to Drink: A (Holiday) Instruction Manual – Rye Egg Nog

This holiday season, while most people relaxed and enjoyed themselves, I was hard at work perfecting what will years from now be looked back on as the perfect Christmas drink repertoire. The way I see it, every self-respecting drinker needs … Continue reading

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Ultimate Cocktail Challenge Results

Although I should be studying, I’ve been browsing the results from the 2011 Ultimate Cocktail Challenge. I found the Classic Cocktail Results especially interesting, since as an amateur I’m far from mastering what spirits work best for certain cocktails. These … Continue reading

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Vermouth 101

I’ve only recently started to develop an appreciation for good vermouth. I used to buy to occasional bottle of whatever was cheapest at Trader Joe’s to make a passable Manhattan. But now that I’ve started paying attention, I’m thrilled when … Continue reading

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Mad Men Cocktails in LA

Via Huffington Post LA: “If You’re Mad About: Don Draper Drink: A Rye Old-Fashioned At: Seven Grand Draper’s taste in liquor is analogous to his personality: dark and potent. This equates to scotch and bourbon and, downtown whiskey den Seven … Continue reading

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Bulleit Rye

Rye is fantastic. Admittedly I’m a recent adopter, having been raised on Maker’s Manhattans, but making the switch to rye in my Manhattans, Old Fashioned, etc. has been very worthwhile. Not only does the bolder, spicier flavor hold up really … Continue reading

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