Back From the Dead . . . With Mango Margaritas

The Bar Exam has come and gone. Thanks to a raucous Vegas bachelor party and a leisurely week out of town, I’ve regained some of the sanity I lost while prepping for the world’s worst exam. In the coming months I’ll be getting married, moving across the country, and hopefully getting back to regular cocktail writing. But enough back story, lets talk about drinking . . .

Since I was buried in my study cave for a good deal of this summer, I’ve been trying to squeeze three months of enjoyment into the one free month I have left. This of course means diving headlong into summer cocktails. Since my fiancée and I just got a shiny new blender as a wedding present, the Margarita seemed like a natural place to start. The Margarita is such a simple concoction that is too frequently marred by artificial ingredients. Skip the neon sweet and sour mix and use fresh stuff for a supremely satisfying drink. In this case, I incorporated mangoes for a tropical twist on the classic recipe.

Mango Margarita (adapted from (makes 2 drinks)

1/2 cup silver tequila (Milagro)

1 oz Cointreau

2/3 cup mango nectar

3/4 cup frozen mango pieces

2 oz simple syrup

3 tbsp lime juice

1 cup ice

Blend all ingredients in blender. Add ice to reach desired consistency. Pour into margarita glass.

Interestingly, I was able to get all of the ingredients for this drink at Trader Joe’s. They carry Milagro tequila, which I like as a reasonably priced 100% agave tequila for mixing. As far as the mango, I experimented with both the Trader Joe’s frozen mango halves and pieces, and found that the halves impart much more mango flavor and are preferable to the pieces.

This is a delicious and simple summer drink that is a real crowd-pleaser. The mango flavor is clear but not overpowering, and the drink remains balanced, slightly tart, and not overly sweet. Since I can’t always serve my favorite summer cocktail (Negronis) to guests (their loss!), its convenient to have a reliable alternative that tastes more complicated than it actually is. Cheers!

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2 Responses to Back From the Dead . . . With Mango Margaritas

  1. I’m bummed that Trader Joe’s stores in St. Louis don’t carry spirits like tequila… only wine & beer.

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