Jameson & Fever Tree Ginger Ale

There is something perfect about the pairing of Jameson and ginger ale. Aside from whiskey neat, it is my go to drink for something simple and refreshing. I had read a lot about Fever Tree, a company specializing in high quality mixers made from “the finest and most authentic natural ingredients available: subtle botanical flavours, natural juices, soft spring water, cane sugar, and for the tonic waters and bitter lemon the highest quality quinine from the original chinchona trees (fever-trees).” On a recent shopping trip to BevMo I picked up a four pack of their ginger ale ($4.99) and got to mixing.

Jameson & Ginger Ale

1 1/2 ounce Jameson Irish Whiskey

Fever Tree Ginger Ale

Slice of lime

Fill Rocks glass with ice. Add Jameson. Fill with Fever Tree Ginger Ale. Squeeze lime over glass and use as garnish.

I tasted the ginger ale straight from the bottle in order to get an idea of the flavor. This is a delicious, bright, and spicy ginger ale without being overly sweet or too heavy handed with the ginger. The taste is fresh, natural, and very smooth, falling somewhere in between your typical Canada Dry and bolder Ginger Beer.

Even after I mixed in the Jameson, the Fever Tree held up remarkably well. The unique flavor of Jameson plays so well with the ginger, and gives the drink a more rounded flavor without sacrificing the distinct bite of the Fever Tree. The ginger here is so much more pronounced, and much cleaner than other ginger ales I’ve tried.  This is a mixer I will definitely keep on hand, and I look forward to trying their Tonic Water soon.

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