Vermouth 101, Part II

The vermouth revolution is here! Don’t be left behind!

As I’ve written about previously, I’ve just started to develop and appreciation for good vermouth. Fast on the heels of the wonderfully informative Vermouth 101, the helpful folks at the Wall Street Journal (hat tip: @Nightcapped) are doing their part in five easy steps to help us Americans appreciate this Continental quaff.

From the article Straight Vermouth, No Chaser:

“Step Three: Drink it on its own. Slightly chilled and/or on the rocks. I know how crazy this must sound as you’ve probably only used drops of it in a Manhattan or a martini, but it is delightful. There are things that Europeans like that don’t really work in the U.S.—siestas, Smart cars, Speedos—but drinking vermouth as an aperitif is one thing that does.”

A very interesting read with some helpful brand descriptions and spirit pairing recommendations. Knob Creek with Carpano Antica, Prosecco with Martini & Rossi Rosato, this is good information. Lets hope this trend continues!

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