Bulleit Rye

Rye is fantastic. Admittedly I’m a recent adopter, having been raised on Maker’s Manhattans, but making the switch to rye in my Manhattans, Old Fashioned, etc. has been very worthwhile. Not only does the bolder, spicier flavor hold up really well when mixed in cocktails, sipping it neat makes me feel connected to our rye drinking forefathers, like I’m drinking through history. Needless to say, I was very excited to hear about the release of Bulleit Rye. A good friend of mine recommended Bulleit bourbon this summer, and it became my go to for a while (likely because of the already high rye content and low price at Trader Joe’s), so I’m really looking forward to trying a bottle of the rye ($23.99 @ BevMo).

According to Thirsty in LA:

“On the nose, the golden-amber Bulleit Rye begins with cherry, oak and spice, and develops with caramel, honey and white pepper notes. The palate is smoothly balanced and complex, with more of the cherry and oak, as well as sweeter notes of maple syrup and dried fruit. The expected rye spiciness is present, but considering the Bulleit’s mix, not overpowering. The velvety, spicy finish lingers with a subtle warmth that belies its 90-proof heat.”

Delicious. I’ll give my own verdict (albeit far less eloquently) once I get my hands on a bottle.

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