Bar-Within-A-Bar: Alcoholic Inception!

I have been wanting to go to San Francisco’s Bourbon and Branch for a long time (attempted to go last time I was in SF with friends but the bar was closed for a private event), and now there is even more reason to visit the charming Tenderloin district: The Wilson.

Via Alcademics: “To get into The Wilson, also known as the Wilson and Wilson Private Detective Agency, you make a reservation and enter at the main door of Bourbon & Branch. You’re escorted through the bar to a locked interior room near one of the bathrooms. Inside you’re given an envelope that contains the menu, which is split into Aperitifs, Mains, and Digestifs. You can order drinks a la carte at $12 or get one from each category for $30. There is also a small section for punches that are served out of a teapot for $40.”

This sounds spectacular. Or does it? My one friend commented: “I’m wavering between thinking this is cool and thinking this is super-pretentious…right?” I think the key, as Alcademics points out, is that the goal of having the smaller room is increased interaction between the bartenders and the customers (which I love). Regardless of perceived pretentiousness, I’m sold, and hope to visit soon. In fact, this has inspired my newest business venture with one of my best friends:

(Conversation over email) Me: I see where this trend is headed…we need to open a bar within a bar within a bar.

Him: I say we reserve a booth every night (but a different booth every night) and open our bar within a bar within a bar at a secret booth location that changes every night.  People can follow us on Twitter to know what booth we’ll be at.  But we’ll probably lie on our Twitter to throw them off.

Me: That is the best idea ever. We are going to be very rich and very drunk.

Him: Or, at the very least, very drunk.

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