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Cocktail Tuesday: Seven Grand

Stop me if you’ve heard this joke: Camper English walks into a bar . . . (more on this later) This Spring semester, being the ever so busy third year students that we are, a good friend of mine and … Continue reading

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Bulleit Rye

Rye is fantastic. Admittedly I’m a recent adopter, having been raised on Maker’s Manhattans, but making the switch to rye in my Manhattans, Old Fashioned, etc. has been very worthwhile. Not only does the bolder, spicier flavor hold up really … Continue reading

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Bar-Within-A-Bar: Alcoholic Inception!

I have been wanting to go to San Francisco’s Bourbon and Branch for a long time (attempted to go last time I was in SF with friends but the bar was closed for a private event), and now there is … Continue reading

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Classic Cocktails: Gimlets

I was shopping in Target of all places and saw a bottle of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice, and it reminded me that I had really wanted to try making a Gimlet. A quick note of Rose’s, it is exactly what … Continue reading

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