Strawberry Basil Cocktail

My girlfriend and I like to go to Roy’s for their happy hour. Besides being within walking distance of her apartment, they have interesting tropical cocktails for only $5 a piece. We are trying to be adventurous and try all of them, but one of our favorites that we keep coming back to is their Strawberry Basil Martini. The combination of the sweetness of the strawberries with the aromatic basil is unexpectedly tasty and refreshing. I thought I would give it a shot and try to recreate it at home.

I found a basic recipe online:


Three fresh strawberries, cored and sliced
Three basil leaves
Splash of simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled until dissolved)
2 ounces premium vodka

Grab your favorite shaker; add muddle strawberries, chilled simple syrup, and basil leaves together

2. Add lots of ice and vodka and shake, shake, shake.

3. Tip it into your martini glass, garnish with a basil leaf and sip away.

The finished product was close to Roy’s, but not quite there. First, the consistency was a little thicker than I would have liked. I did my best to strain out most of the pulp, but it was still a bit of a smoothie. I could run it through a sieve next time, but I think that would get rid of too much pulp. I’ll have to figure out a happy medium.

As for taste, again this was close but not quite there. I think some riper/sweeter strawberries might help. I tried upping the simple syrup from 1/2 oz to 1 oz to make it a little sweeter, but it tasted too artificially sweet rather than having a natural fruit sweetness. I’ve seen other recipes that use orange juice to add some sweetness, so I think I might continue to tinker with this recipe.

Overall, this is an interesting and tasty flavor combination. In the future I’d to try some variations on this, including Strawberry Basil Lemonade and Strawberry Basil Mojitos.

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One Response to Strawberry Basil Cocktail

  1. Lisa says:

    So good!

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