Domaine de Canton

One of my favorite things about trying new cocktails is buying new ingredients. I’d read a lot online about how “hot” the ginger flavor is in cocktails right now (I’m so very trendy) so I decided to buy a bottle of Domaine de Canton and experiment.

I found a great recipe for a ginger and watermelon cocktail:

2 oz. Corzo Silver Tequila                                                3/4 oz. Domaine de Canton Ginger  Liqueur                   5 one inch chunks of watermelon                                       5-7 mint leaves

Process: In a mixing glass, muddle the watermelon and mint.  Then add remaining ingredients and shake well with ice.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish: watermelon rind twist and watermelon slice

I don’t love tequila, but this was pretty tasty. The ginger is very subtle, kind of a smooth aftertaste at the end of each sip. Reminded me of eating fresh ginger with sushi. I think when I make it next time I might try to find a sweeter or riper watermelon, or perhaps add a little sugar.

Looking forward to using the Domaine de Canton more often!

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2 Responses to Domaine de Canton

  1. chelsea says:

    Canton is a great mixer! Have you tried in any other recipes? This one sounds great, i’ll have to try it. With my Canton collection at home, I should be creating my own cocktailS:)

  2. Bartender says:

    Thanks Chelsea! Check out my new post for another attempt at using the Canton. I’d love to hear any of your favorite recipes, and anything you come up with yourself!

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